Milk is a collective of designers, writers, communication planners and artists. We work with organisations, places and communities in transition, helping them find their new identity and build communication programs that nourish their change.

Backstage Talks

Collaborating for Stronger Brands

Award-winning European music festival Pohoda has long since outgrown its region. That’s why we have joined forces with a world-renowned New York/London-based illustrator duo Craig & Karl to create its powerful and unmistakable visual identity.

Pohoda Festival

Building a High-End Gastronomic Brand

For IASAI, our involvement went far beyond the usual scope of cooperation. As a part of the internal team, we built the brand from the ground up — from naming, positioning and strategy to identity — working in a close cooperation with their architects.

Iasai menu
The colors of the double-sided menu clearly divide the food and drinks sections.
Iasai interior
Our design also influenced the interior of the restaurant – including the brand pattern and custom neon lights.
Iasai food
Iasai menu was designed as a part of the place setting in order to allow for direct interaction with the customers.

Book as a Branding Tool

Viktor Freso is a renowned artist — which also makes his name a brand. Working closely with the artist, we have created and designed a high-end book as a tool to support Freso, the brand.

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Designing Growth, Reach and Innovation

Our long-standing relationship with Curaprox allows us to go one step further. Over the years, we have worked closely to help the brand innovate, strengthen its market position and reach new audiences.

Design direction for trash bins made from recycled toothbrushes. Created in collaboration with studio Allt.
Apríl: Online lifestyle magazine for women.
Curaprox bodkovaný sveter
Unique sweater collection created in collaboration with Buffet Clothing.

Building an International Brand

We are co-organizers and curators of the annual By Design Conference on design and business. Every year, the always-sold-out conference welcomes some of the world’s best creatives to Bratislava. In 2017, we’ve organised our first UX specialised spin-off in Prague. That’s how we build and scale an international brand.

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Our Very Own Magazine on Design & Business

The only way forward is in a dialogue. We stand for that with every issue of Backstage Talks. Built completely in-house, this interview magazine publishes our dialogues with world’s best designers to a worldwide audience through its international distribution.

Branding for a Non-Existent Hotel

If your “hotel” consists of series of designer rooms in various buildings across a town, you need your brand to be strong and clear. Our task was to create the overall strategy, name and a visual identity, allowing the client to execute their communication materials in-house.

Designing Digital

Shipvio is a logistics company optimizing operations for a number of global clients. We have teamed up to create and execute a new strategy to make the brand more relevant and their digital product more usable for it customers.

Shipvio web
The Shipvio company website showcasing the product
Shipvio web
The design of the product displayed across all platforms

Milk Team

If you wondered who does this kind of amazing stuff—this was Milk crew.

iMlk Design Directors

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